Welcome to Ovenderful

Ovenderful Ovenderful has seen unplanned but generous, unprecedented but wholesome, inexplicable but fulfilling recognition in the past few years. I have played a lot of roles and those have flowed into Ovenderful, to define its identity. As the roles I take on evolve, so must Ovenderful.

There is much more I need to do with Ovenderful so that both of us reach our potential. My first steps were to create Ovenderful as a brand and community that is synonymous with healthy and inclusive baking, and baking for good or social impact.
From April, Ovenderful will not be taking any baking orders. At least as of now. Till I can come back with something new that excites me enough on that front, to set up that part of the venture yet again.

Those who bought my goodies, those who recommended me, those who spread the word about my bakes - You trusted me at a time when healthy baking was not a norm. It was a rarity, which it still is to a large extent. Your love, encouragement and kindness have helped me to push my own boundaries and then some more. You will be the first ones to know should I re-venture into this space.

So what's next? If you like what you read, what I bake and what I do, on my blog or on my social media pages, feel free to reach out to me for:

  • Freelance Writing on Healthy/Vegan/Gluten-Free Baking - for magazines/newspapers/websites/blogs with the same vision
  • Healthy Baking Features or Stories
  • Events / Speaker Sessions - Schools, Corporate Setups / Any group of people who want to get together for this!
  • Collaborating on how we can partner for any Service/Product/Event Promotions and Reviews
  • Menu Planning or Recipe Development specifically for healthy bakes (includes gluten free, vegan, nut-free, diabetic friendly, lactation friendly, dairy-free bakes, paleo as well).
  • Virtual Mentoring

Speaker Sessions

Mythbusting Veganism | TEDx Talks
The Big Basket LiveShow!
Mom Bakers Community


An interesting new initiative will be coming up on OMBC.
You have the opportunity to become part of the LeanIn OMBC Circle - which will be an informal but insightful virtual mentoring program. It is not a paid or commercial program. Only 8-10 members will be selected from across the world for specific mentoring related to their home baking venture.

The only condition is that the OMBC home baker who is being mentored will work and mentor another woman from an underprivileged background, on her business / potential business area with the intent to make her understand the value of being financially independent (not necessarily in home baking).
More details coming up shortly! Should you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Contact Details

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+91 97402 55588     ovenderful@gmail.com