Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community

Ovenderful Started Nov 2014, current number of members - 25,100, with over 100 members in 15 countries. Main focus was and is healthy baking entirely - the only of its kind in India and globally as well, since there are no other FB groups of this size with this kind of unique theme. Apart from that a huge degree of commitment is present within the group to contribute to community causes through their baking - this is done via directly baking for NGOs and distributing or baking for fundraisers for the NGOs.

We work like a close-knit community that exchanges ideas and recipes with each other, to enable a better understanding about using alternative, indigenous flours or ingredients to make baking healthy and change mindsets about the same.

Almost 90% of the members are mothers - and we are widely spread across cities in India and many international locations too, especially US. Some cities with the largest number of mom bakers are Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Pune and Hyderabad, and some in Coimbatore, Kochi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad as well. Internationally, we have a significant number of OMBC members present in the US, UK, UAE, Singapore and Australia, with a few in KL, HongKong and Pakistan too.

Some details of the social impact activities:

  • Bake a Sunshine Cake - 4 years in a row now. Started in December 2015, when the community completed a year. All over the world wherever bakers are present, in the month of December, they bake and take healthy homebaked goodies to old age homes, elder care homes, orphanages, homes for the homeless and distribute directly to anyone around them who they feel needs a little bit of warmth. So bakers have distributed it in the above places as well as to cab and auto rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors, home delivery staff, housekeeping staff, sweepers who clean our roads, homes for the differently abled children, security guards, even old and abandoned street dogs! We have covered some Indian cities, as well as carried it out in some cities in the US and UK in the first 2-3 years. This year 2018, we are carrying it out in Dubai as well.
  • The Community has been recognized by the Global COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg in April 2017 and was invited as one of the influential community leaders across Asia, in an event conducted by Facebook, for 8 such communities from across the region. Sheryl was present to recognize and understand the work being done, there as well, in November 2017.
  • OV BakeStreat - 45 volunteer bakers carried it out the first distribution for the ‪#‎OVBakeStreAT‬ Program. Covering street children / children of migrant labour in 5 cities - Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore and Delhi/NCR. The number of children expected to be covered on this first weekend of launch was 1000-1500. Finally we covered over 2000 children on the first weekend it was launched ( July 2016) and over 10,000 subsequently.
  • 7 OMBC members baked for the Make a Difference bake sale in Christ College - an NGO operating in 23 cities in India, mobilizing youth to provide equitable outcomes for children in shelter homes. M.A.D's interventions are designed to help children in shelter homes break out of their cycle of poverty once they leave the shelters. They support close to 450 children in Bangalore and through Sahyog, an initiative of CSA (Centre for Social Action), Christ University, had arranged for a "pre-ordered" bake sale. The college was to buy 700-750 cupcakes for one of it's farewell functions as a way of donating to the MAD cause of Dream camps ( Raised Rs 32,500)
  • 5 OMBC bakers baked for the kids at Jeevarathni Foundation, which cares for abused and trafficked children in Bangalore.
  • Valentine's Day Bake Sale Fundraiser for geysers for the ladies at Cheshire Old Age Home ( pictures on The Bake Collective page)
  • Partnered with Kritagyata Trust to bake (and almost 20-30 more bakers joined in as well and 80% of them were from OMBC) for 2000 children for a Children’s Day distribution in November 2016, at government schools in rural areas of Neelmangala close to Bengaluru. Again a huge set of bakers covered close to 3000 , in November 2017.
  • Fund raiser for CARE Animal Shelter – Feb / March 2016 . We went to DPS Yelahanka and raised Rs 30,000
The Government of Karnataka chose to collaborate with the community, for a key online contest run-up event as part of the International Millets Fair 2018 to promote use of healthy millets in our bakes.

Speaker Sessions

Mythbusting Veganism | TEDx Talks
The Big Basket LiveShow!
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An interesting new initiative will be coming up on OMBC.
You have the opportunity to become part of the LeanIn OMBC Circle - which will be an informal but insightful virtual mentoring program. It is not a paid or commercial program. Only 8-10 members will be selected from across the world for specific mentoring related to their home baking venture.

The only condition is that the OMBC home baker who is being mentored will work and mentor another woman from an underprivileged background, on her business / potential business area with the intent to make her understand the value of being financially independent (not necessarily in home baking).
More details coming up shortly! Should you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Contact Details

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+91 97402 55588     ovenderful@gmail.com